eliefs Onggi | Self-fermenter set (2 Lit x 2 )

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Price down for aesthetic deficiency: Rough hand-finish but fully functional
Are you fermenters and always wanted more Onggi for fermenting at home? We offer a set of Onggi at lower price in order to empty our shelves before refurbishing. These Onggi are fully functional yet has aesthetic deficiency due to rough hand finish. Prepare yourself for this autumn for fermenting home with seasonal vegetables and fruits!
* Please note that the photos on this product is used those of Onggi without aesthetic deficiency.

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– Size: 17cm x 14cm Ø (2L)
– Material: Clay & sands
– 100% natural glazing

– Hand finished

Price down for aesthetic deficiency. Rough hand-finish but fully functional

Healthy Lifestyle | Good to Give | 100% Bio-degradable
– Superior in creation of probiotics, thanks to the micro-porous structure allowing for a balanced exchange of gasses created during fermentation process
– Enhancing process and flavour from one fermentation to the next, thanks to enzymes, bacteria or yeast retained in micro-porous structure from previous fermentation
Used for fermenting Kimchi, Sauerkrauts, Organic vinegar, Fruit wine, Soysauce and many more

* Appearance and color may vary slightly due to natural materials and hand-finish.

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