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With eliefs Onggi, you can create delicious, healthy food by harnessing the natural process of fermentation . Whether you are at home cooking for family and friends or a discerning chef seeking deep, complex flavours, the eleifs Onggi is your way to discover the spectacular world of fermentation !

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Wherever you are - from UK, Germany or other EU countries to USA, Canada, Asia, you get your Onggi delivered.

Quality and Health

Our Onggi is a quality product made in Korea, produced to high standard in quality, heath and with respect to environment.

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We are here to help. Trouble with ordering or any question? Please directly contact us at info@eliefs.com

Onggi with minor aesthetic deficiency.
Fully functional !

Are you fermentationists and always wanted more Onggi for fermenting at home? We offer a set of Onggi at lower price in order to empty our shelves before refurbishing. These Onggi are fully functional yet has aesthetic deficiency due to rough hand finish.
Prepare yourself for this autumn for fermenting at home with seasonal vegetables and fruits!