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Fermentation and Onggi

Will you be surprised if fermentation and Onggi were highlighted during Expo Milano 2015? South Korea pavilion at the EXPO revolved around the concept of Hansik, which means literally 'Korean Food' mostly based on fermentation, attracting more than 2.3 millions of visitors. Below 3 themes were illustrated under the statement of "We are what we eat", questioning "what do we have to heat and how do we eat in a sustainable way?". Enjoy giant Onggi and Onggi roads with full of healthy delicious food !


Balance, Symphony of Food

Balance illustrates the healthy and harmonious composition of Hansik, that constitutes overall good health. The exhibit features a multimedia show which portrays the notion of harmony.

Science of Time: Fermentation

Fermentation explores the nutritional benefits of fermentation, a process that is used in a wide variety of Korean traditional seasonings and dishes. Visitors have a chance to look at the process of fermentation in Korean cuisine with the use of Onggi, a traditional earthenware vessel.
People have enjoyed the health benefits of fermented foods for thousands of years. The process of fermentation creates food that is rich in probiotics that boost the body’s digestive processes in a natural way. Based on the culmination of several thousand years of experience in fermentation, Onggi is perfectly designed to create the delicately balanced micro-climate required for the fermentation.

Wisdom of the Earth: Storage (Onggi)

Storage further highlights the beneficial attributes that go with fermentation with long rows of Onggi that are buried underground to complete the aging process.
As you know, Onggi based on the oldest bioreactor technology harnessing the natural process of fermentation. It is originated from Korea. Have a look at the beautiful Onggi roads with full of healthy and delicious Korean foods.

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