How to make Kaktugi (Korean radish Kimchi) – Recipe

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Kkakdugi is korean radish kimchi, one of the most popular in Korea. Learn how to make Korean cubed radish kimchi step by step.

Preparation time : 30 minutes
Total time : 1 hours salting and 15 minutes drying for salted radish
Ingredients : 1 radish, 3 spring onions, 1 red chilly pepper / half cup of sea salt, 1.5 table spoons of sugar, 100ml water (or sparkling water) for salting / 2 cups of water, 2 table spoons of rice powder, 1 table spoons of sugar for rice porridge, and 1/2 cups of pepper flakes for the seasonings paste / 4 pieces of garlic, 1 tea spoons of ginger, 1 table spoons of shrimp(fish) sauce, 1/2 of spring onions, 1/4 apple or pear, 1 spring onion

1. Prepare the radish and salt it.
Cut the radish into 1.5-2.5cm sized cubes (as you prefer) and put them into a mixing bowl. Add salt sugar and water, mix them well and leave it for 1 hour at the room temperature.
 radish kimchi

2. Prepare the porridge thickener.
Combine the water and rice powder in a small pot. Mix well with a wooden spoon or whisk and let it cook for 10 minutes until it starts to bubble. Add the sugar and cook 1 more minute, string and let it cool off. Add the chilly pepper flakes (except for 1 spoons of it) and stir them. 425219406_4493057689505799914 425722962_1213030229518086114

3. Prepare seasoning paste.
Put on some clean kitchen or medicinal gloves to prevent staining your hands. Blend all the ingredients listed above for seasoning paste in a blender. Pour the blended seasoning paste to the cooled porridge in a mixing bowl and mix them together. 426321148_12135641239975904456426330342_13697130313697408865 425726195_11147490482733251601

4. Dry the cubed radish and mix them with pepper flakes.
After one hour, rinse the radish in cold running water one time and dry it for 15 mins. Put the radish into a mixing bowl, add the 1 spoons of pepper flakes and mix them evenly. 425705694_8285567360858873215426203988_17918158772986005390425725446_2407838409545261017

5. Mix all the ingredients and put the radish Kimchi in your Onggi.
Pour the blended seasoning paste with porridge to the cubed radish. Add the chopped spring onion and chilly peppers. Put the radish Kimchi into Onggi and leave it at room temperature for 2-3 days (depending on the temperature). Once it is slightly fermented, keep it in the fridge. 425705929_2163768997404835582426139176_7437264880704131775





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