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A Much Milder, Subtle Flavour !

I am just amazed how even after a few days my Saurkraut is already fermented. After several batch, much faster than in other fermenting vessels and has a much milder, subtle flavour. I also love the beauty of the material and the shape of the Onggi. There is something very Zen-like when you work with it. And you know what I always say about putting love into your food. Well, the Onggi really supports you in doing that.
My favorite new way of fermenting - Onggi ! 

Health Coach, Owner at Radiant On Raw

Onggi : Culinary Heritage of Korea 

Fermentation in Korea is more than just a tradition. It is determining our daily life to a considerable extend, since the very existence of our culture. It is often part of our family heritage and identity - and this literally, since to this day on the country side we use massive Onggi vessels that pass on from generation to generation together with family's very own and diverse receipes for all kinds of vegetables and sauces. Kimchi, Fermented sauces such as pepper paste, bean paste (Miso), soy sauce and vinegar: That's culinary Korea !
As a nutritionist (PhD) I am happy that with eliefs Onggi you can now enjoy a part of Korean culture with all its nutritional benefits at home in your kitchen with an authentic Onggi.  "

KS Yoon, Phd
Cookbook author, principle at Culinary Academy SangNok

Naturally glazed, Healthier !

I am recently exploring with fermentation and was introduced to this authentic, good quality onggi. I like the fact that it is naturally glazed, which makes it healthier for the body and it is more breathable than normal jars that I have used. Highly recommended if you are into fermentation or wanting to try. 

Student at Professional Cancer Choaches International Inc.

More Flavorful than Ever Before !

I am enjoying using the aesthetically pleasing Onggi as my fermentation vessels. it is a perfect size for at home fermenting!
The Onggi make my kimchi more flavourful than I have ever had it before! It helped bring out the flavours of every component of my kimchi! The ginger, the garlic, the chillies, onions etc! I can even fit my Onggi in my fridge perfectly for storage. At home fermenting isn’t so hard and they are such lovely vessels to have around as a multi purpose tool !

Co founder at Edible Alchemy

Exceptional Quality !

Ideal size for those starting out with fermenting, very attractive finish and great little colour info book with fermenting recipes included. Highly recommend.

Marketplace customer




Natural glazing | Hand finished

Make your own fermented food more probiotic-rich and healthier with Onggi.
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